Low Cost Index Funds

Low Cost Index Funds

Low cost index funds are an innovative solution for investors that provide diversified investments at low fees. On any given day, an investor can observe the performance of indices from providers such as MSCI,1 S&P,2 or Russell3—and that means it’s easy to monitor whether or not an index fund manager replicated the index’s performance (gross […]

Stock Market News

Why don’t the media run more good stock market news? One view is bad news sells. If people preferred good news, the media would supply it. But stock markets don’t see news as necessarily good or bad, rather in terms of what is already built into prices. One academic study appears to confirm the view […]

Financial Tips for Graduates

We thought it appropriate to give you 5 Financial Tips for Graduates because we know when you’re just beginning to gain your independence in the world, the thought of managing your finances is a terrifying. For most of us, our parents were there to help us along the way with paying bills, rent, and college […]

401k Rollover

There’s been a reoccurring theme in the financial services industries surrounding a 401k rollover. A simple Google search of the topic loads thousands of results. Many of the big investment firms spend millions of marketing dollars to rank for the “401k rollover” search term just so they can convince you to perform a 401k rollover to their management […]

Creating a Budget

Who says you can’t budget for your guilty pleasures? Well, we believe you can! Of course your budget may include things such as utility bills, gas, and groceries, but don’t be afraid to incorporate the fun things when creating a budget. Whether it’s a weekly case of beer or your next vacation to the Caribbean, don’t deprive yourself […]