Are you a Trader or Investor?

Are you a Trader or Investor?


In a world with constant information overload, sometimes it’s best to take a step back from financial news feeds to focus on core topics that drive home the fundamental components and experiences of being a long-term investor. I don’t need to explain to anyone that it isn’t easy being an investor. However, I believe it’s much […]

Inflation Surprise, Really?

It’s been a volatile week. For the better part of six months, investors haven’t seen a material pullback like we are seeing right now. Several newsletters ago (available only to clients), I stated “a strong recover is likely, but we can’t rule out a market correction on any potential negative catalysts.” It seems we now […]

Reliance on an Investment Philosophy

  “The important thing about an Investment Philosophy is that you have one you can stick with.” – David Booth, Founder and Executive Chairman of Dimensional Fund Advisors Last week markets continued their slide as investors fled equities for safer-haven assets like U.S. Treasury Bonds. The buying pressure of US Treasuries caused the interest rates on […]

Outguessing the Market

Try outguessing the market. Over the course of a summer, it’s not unusual for the stock market to be a topic of conversation at barbeques or other social gatherings. A neighbor or relative might ask about which investments are good at the moment. The lure of getting in at the right time or avoiding the […]

Investment Fads

Investment fads are nothing new. When selecting strategies for their portfolios, investors are often tempted to seek out the latest and greatest investment fads and opportunities. Over the years, these approaches have sought to capitalize on developments such as the perceived relative strength of particular geographic regions, technological changes in the economy, or the popularity […]