Presidential Elections and the Stock Market

Presidential Elections and the Stock Market

Next month, we head to the polls to elect the next president of the United States. Unless you don’t watch the news or spend time on social media, you know how heated this presidential election cycle has become. While the outcome is unknown, one thing is for certain: there will be a steady stream of […]

Should Recent Events Change your Investment Strategy?

Should recent events change your investment strategy? Should anticipated future events change your investment strategy? When news breaks and markets move, content-starved media often invite talking heads to muse on the repercussions. Knowing the difference between this speculative opinion and actual facts can help investors stay disciplined during purported “crises.” At the end of June […]

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

We’ve all heard this phrase: where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s typically said during difficult moments where success seems almost impossible; almost as if to say my determination will be enough to get through this trouble. When we die, our troubles disappear for us…but not for those we love. Our loved ones inherit […]

Positive News Articles

Where are all the positive news articles? Do you ever listen to the news and find yourself thinking that the world has gone to the dogs? The roll call of depressing headlines seems endless. But look beyond what the media calls news, and there also are a lot of things going right. It’s true the […]

Low Cost Index Funds

Low cost index funds are an innovative solution for investors that provide diversified investments at low fees. On any given day, an investor can observe the performance of indices from providers such as MSCI,1 S&P,2 or Russell3—and that means it’s easy to monitor whether or not an index fund manager replicated the index’s performance (gross […]